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Waiting to Play

Waiting to Play


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Vaughn Madden is hockey's hotshot who moves to a small town, only to learn that Isla Chase has kept a nine-month secret from him

It was one night trapped with a hockey god due to a hurricane. We shared one bed too. I also ignored the little fact that Vaughn has always been my brother's rival on the ice. And when the storm cleared, so did Vaughn. Months later, he shows up in my hospital room in Lake Spark where it only takes one look at me and the man is counting back in his head, or maybe it’s my face that explains it all. 

He's going to be a dad. And I didn’t tell him.

His eyes inform me that he won’t let me off easy. He wants answers to why I kept this a secret—and he quite possibly needs a scotch for his nerves too. Vaughn is soon adamant that he isn’t going anywhere, especially as he is the new General Manager of our hockey team that trains in town. He also has a list of demands that I owe him due to my secret keeping. Hence, why I move into his house. I’m not sure if developing feelings for a man with a wicked smirk is good for me or our child, but he’s becoming more than my baby daddy. And it turns out that Vaughn’s head has been working overtime, because the family image that I’ve dreamed about is the game that Vaughn seems to have been waiting to play... 

Vaughn and Isla bring you a heartwarming and steamy secret- and accidental baby romance in a forced proximity setting. Waiting to Play can be read as a complete standalone and is the third book in the interconnected Lake Spark Off-Season series which is part of the Lake Spark world. For lovers of small-town romance with a touch of hockey.

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