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The Real Deal

The Real Deal


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Cole Tate is the boss that isn’t used to faking it, and he’s not about to start in this complete standalone marriage of convenience romance.

It was never on my radar to have a woman living in my house, especially not one that shares my last name. But I’ve been eyeing a corporate takeover for the last year and Ruby, the newly Mrs.Cole Tate, just happens to be from the same friend circle and is the daughter of the current company owner. She also holds the key to the extra board votes I need to win.

The spitfire beauty just needs to be married to make it happen. It’s in a ridiculous clause.

Luckily for me, Ruby has her own reasons for ensuring I succeed. So, we struck a deal and found ourselves as husband and wife. It’s a win-win and oh so easy…

Except living together is a constant game of taunting the other—clothing optional. Then there is the fact that we are quite good at faking our attraction in public. Soon our long talks don’t feel like pretend anymore. Not to mention, we decide to add benefits to the equation. And yep, we are excellent at those benefits too. Suddenly, what should have been an easy and temporary deal begins to look a little too real…

The Real Deal is the fourth and final standalone story in the interconnected  Bossy Hearts series. For lovers of fake relationship romance that will make you laugh, swoon, and grab a fan. A multi-millionaire finding the best wedding ring possible? Check.

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