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Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful


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Drew doesn’t believe he deserves to have something so beautiful. Besides, falling for the sister with three older brothers who are his close friends would just be reckless...

​​​​​​The worst thing a guy can do is fall for his best friend’s little sister, so imagine when all three of her overprotective brothers are your friends. It’s a simple rule to follow: don’t look at Lucy the way she looks at me. And when she returns, unplanned, to our small town of Bluetop, keeping her off-limits should be the least I can do. After all, the Blisswood brothers made me an honorary member of the family, and they gave me a chance when nobody else would. This is all the more reason why I can never admit that I wish I didn’t have to stay away from Lucy and her persistence.

And in a moment of weakness, I don’t. 

Lucy has always understood me like no other, and we share wounds and secrets—including what transpires between us. Soon, we find ourselves finally confronting what feels like a romance years in the making. I know it’s a betrayal to her brothers, and I definitely won’t get points for what I do with her when she’s wearing only my shirt. Not to mention, Lucy deserves Bluetop royalty, not me. But when I get life-changing news, Lucy’s determined not to let go. She makes me feel special, and I know I shouldn’t push her away. Because I’m finally discovering that what Lucy and I have… makes me feel I may finally be worthy of something beautiful…

This unrequited love, brother’s-best-friend romance is the fourth and final standalone book in the small-town Blisswood Brothers series that follows the brothers as they run their family winery and farm, Olive Owl.

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