Preview of Something Right

“Don’t you miss this, Grays? The sound of frogs and crickets at night? The smell of fresh plants mixed with horses? Everyone happy that you’re here?”

It’s now dark out, but the light from the party highlights her face. She’s content and exactly where she wants to be in life.

“Haven’t had much chance to think about it. I’ve been busy. Today, instead of being able to focus on helping my brothers, all I could think about is how this encounter would go. How I wanted it to go,” I answer honestly.

She stops walking and waits for our bodies to face one another. “I think it’s going quite okay. Kind of wish we did it sooner.”

“Kind of been busy.”

“I know. The ladies in the café gushed over your article about the library design in that magazine for weeks.”

I quirk my mouth out at her reference as I open the back door to the bed-and-breakfast.

“Thanks for the tour.” Brooke begins to take my blazer off; I still enjoy how my clothes look on her, and she was cold.

“Don’t want to see the last part?” Disappointment seeps through my question as I indicate with my head to the upstairs guestrooms. I know I’m about to be greedy, but my curiosity swells when she’s around, and I’m staying in one of the rooms.

Her lips tug. “I’m too scared of what could happen. Should it feel this, I don’t know, normal? As if no time has passed?”

I lean against the wall. “We didn’t break up because of some big event, we just grew apart.”

She doesn’t answer, but her head subtly nods in acknowledgment.

“I have to head back to Chicago tomorrow afternoon, I have a flight to Dallas I need to catch. But tonight… I’m not going anywhere, and even if you walk away now, you won’t be leaving my bed. You will be right there, stuck in my mind as I toss and turn.”

She licks her lips as a smile forms. “Those are some smooth words, Grayson Blisswood.”

“Nah, it’s the truth. Call me selfish, but it feels like you could still be mine, and tonight I feel like you belong to me.”

Brooke steps closer to me and our hands interlink. She stares at our fingers entangled together, knotting us as one.

“Is this our closure?”

Closing our distance, my other arms pulls her flush to me. “No, B, I’m not sure closure is ever in our cards,” I tell her before my lips slam down onto hers.

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Preview of Something Right
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