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I turn my attention back to the guy. “So, you are April’s new boyfriend?” I internally question why I'm curious.

He grabs a piece of bread from the basket. “It’s actually our first date.”

“Oh, wonderful. And here I am interrupting.” I lean back just as the hostess hands me my drink. Perfect timing, as I could use the liquid encouragement right now for what’s about to go down. But my confident look doesn’t fade.

“How the hell did you know I was here?” April asks, clearly agitated.

I tilt my head gently to the side. “Your love of cameras.”

Her eyes fill with recognition as they don’t blink, and since her dress is hanging low at her tits, then I notice her breath pick up.

I’m quick to clarify. “You posted on your social media story a photo of your cocktail, and the logo of the place was on the napkin. You really should work on safety first.”

Her hands nearly claw the tablecloth. “And why the hell would you be looking at my social media?”

“Do you two need a moment? I feel like I’m missing something,” Ted says, but neither April nor I look at him, as we are too busy in a standoff.

“How about I just steal this pocketful of sunshine away for a moment?” I suggest to Ted.

April’s body stiffens, but she gives the doctor a tight smile. “Just a minute, I’ll be right back, and then we can order dinner.”

Ted gives us an odd look. “Oh, uhm, sure.”

Clearly, their date wasn’t going so great anyways.

April grabs my arm. “Two minutes,” she grinds out.

She pulls me out of my seat, and I follow, only I don’t like being towed along. I step forward and place my hand on her lower back to take the lead, for a second, I appreciate the fact that her dress is a little snug around her hips.

I lean in and nearly murmur, “Don’t you have a sweater or something?”

She flashes me a death stare. “Why?”

“I just think Hudson would appreciate that I’m watching out for his niece and ensuring Dr. Stress keeps his gaze appropriate,” I attempt to justify.

But fuck me, Hudson may kill me for what is transpiring and what I did with his niece who is his goddaughter and wife’s best friend. I should have probably thought about the rules of our friendship a little more, but then again, Hudson is laid back and even attempted to push me in April’s direction once or twice, like at the baby shower a few months back. I’m not blind.

The moment we are at an empty spot near the bar, she shakes me away and turns her full attention to me.

“No sweater.” Her tone is clipped. “Which, by the way, it's a little late to be concerned with manners that my uncle would approve of.” Her brows arch; she’s in a feisty mood. “Our first contact in months, and I already feel like knowing you is a regret. Now explain why the hell I am being graced by your presence this evening?”

My lips quirk out as we both take a beat to look at each other. I haven’t seen April since that night a few months ago. Her blonde locks are in waves around her face; it looks natural, but I get the feeling she put in the extra effort with her hair tonight. I guess her skin is tanner too. I heard she went to Italy for a little while in place of the honeymoon that she had hoped to go on. Piper told me when I ran into her on my driveway, which makes me wonder if Piper knows…

“Does anyone know about—”

“Hush your mouth!” She is quick to interrupt and steps closer, a sort of warning as she nervously searches the room. “And what? Admit my mistake? God no.”

I debate my words for a second, but I can only chuckle nervously. “Okay, well, we have a tiny problem.”

Her brows raise in curiosity, and I see concern spread across her face. “What do you mean?”

I look over her shoulder to ensure nobody can hear and lean closer to whisper, “The video.”

Her entire body tenses, and concern is replaced with fear. I notice because she peers her eyes up, causing our breaths to mingle, as we are close in proximity. “The video?”

I scratch my cheek. “You know, the one we accidentally made while we were—”

Her palm lands against my chest to stop me from continuing, and it creates space between us. God, this woman touches me like she knows exactly which spot awakens a feral need inside me. It’s downright infuriating.

“Do not say the words,” she nearly barks then throws on a small fake smile when the barman walks by our spot to collect a glass.

The moment he passes, our eyes lock, and I see the fear, but it’s laced with… heat. I know it’s there.

“You deleted the video. I saw you delete the video.” Her voice has panic in it.

Licking my lips, I’m about to bite the bullet. “I did… but I kind of…” It’s dragging out.

Her nails sharply dig into my arm. “Kind of what?”

“I forgot that it autosaved to my cloud.”

“Of course, it saved to your cloud. What kind of person doesn’t know that you need to delete it from your phone and the cloud. Fuck.” Disbelief is strong in her tone. She steps back, and her hand fans her face as she is clearly trying to calm down. “I knew you were trouble. Holy hell, this is…”

I lean against the bar to watch her, but admittedly, guilt does ping inside of me. “I’m sorry.”

Her eyes draw a line up to my own again. “Wait, why are you telling me this?

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