Preview of The Big Charmer

Heading back into the living room, Mason peers his head up like a chicken. “Who’s she?” Whoa, the seven-year-old has some attitude in his voice.

Logan laughs under his breath as he goes to take the headphones off his nephew and encourages him to stand. “This is Sadie. She is going to pick you up from camp and stay with you until I’m home every night.” He nudges the kid in my direction.

I lean down. “Hey, Mason, I’m Sadie.”

“My mom says that you’ve been hired to take care of my uncle.”

I chuckle at his comment and look up to Logan who is shaking his head.

“Why would you think that, buddy?” Logan asks as he places his hands on Mason’s shoulders.

“Because Mommy says you need to be kept in line.”

My eyes go wide as I look at Logan who is biting his inner cheek in delight.

“Aren’t you a cute guy,” I say to Mason and let my hand rustle his hair. He is quickly stealing the show, and that’s hard to do with Logan Jax in the room.

I’m not oblivious to the fact that Logan has the sexy-bachelor persona going on. I’ve seen him now in a suit and in casual clothes—he’s easy on the eyes. And maybe he has this slick way of communicating that some may see as arrogant yet charming.

It can also spell danger, and I am completely aware.

“This may be a long summer,” Logan mentions to himself as he scratches the back of his neck.

Tell me about it.

I stand back to adult height as Mason goes to grab something from the kitchen cupboard.

“Anything else I should know?” I raise my shoulders to the direction of my ears as my hands find my back pockets out of nervous habit.

“My number.”

My eyes flick up to meet his and, sure enough, that cocky satisfied grin is on his face. 

“In case of emergency,” he clarifies, with his eyes acting as some sort of lasers that are making me feel all types of warm.

“Right, but I think I already got your card with information.” Again, I kill it at the pretend cool-and-confident persona. Still, I hand him my phone so he can type in his number, and he must also hit call, because I hear his phone vibrate in his pocket. 

He passes my phone back and our fingers brush, which sends a tingle to parts of my body that my t-shirt choice will not protect me from.

Logan wiggles his own phone in his hand. “Look at that. Now I have your number.”

“So you do. And the key?”

He walks to a drawer near the sink and grabs a key then hands it to me. “The cleaner comes on Mondays, so don’t be surprised if she’s here tomorrow. I should be home by eight, but it depends on a call I have with overseas clients.”

“What is it you do again?” I wonder.

A half-smile forms on his face. “Stuffy data and financials.” He’s teasing me for what I said the other night, but then continues, “I manage a hedge fund.”

“Can’t say that is entirely interesting,” I respond with some honesty, and he seems to enjoy that I’m not giving him a typical polite response, as his lips quirk.

“Uncle Logan, I’m hungry,” Mason groans.

“I’ll order pizza, okay, buddy?” Logan calls out to Mason who is now eating from a bag of goldfish crackers while he looks through the cupboards for more food.

“Well, I should go. I have the key and your number, plus I’ve seen your bedroom, so we’re all set,” I ramble and begin to walk, realizing I brought his bedroom back into the equation.

Logan leans against the counter, crosses his arms, and gives me a look that tells me this is really going to be a long freaking summer.

“Hey, most women can only check off one of those things you mentioned on your list. You’re living the dream.”

I look at him, taken back by his arrogance. “Definitely my cue to leave.”

He propels himself off the counter as we walk towards the door. “I was joking with you; you know that, right?” His tone sounds sincere, and when I study his face, I can see that he appears genuine.

“It doesn’t matter.” I brush it off.

He opens the door for me and there is an awkward pause as neither one of us moves.

“So, I guess I will see you tomorrow, just text if you need anything.”

I nod, very much aware that I need to get used to his piercing blue eyes landing on me. “Sure. Bye, Mason,” I call back into the room. I will need to win him over tomorrow, as he is too occupied to even try now.

“No goodbye for me, your new boss?” Logan gives me a faux pained look.

I playfully shake my head as I bite my inner cheek. I will not flirt with my new boss.

“Bye, Logan.” I walk away, determined to show I am unaffected.

But inside, I am very much feeling the opposite.

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Preview of The Big Charmer
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