Preview of Something More

He quickly grabs a glass and fills it with water from a pitcher with fresh mint then hands it to me as I meet him halfway to collect it. As he does that, the bottom of the glass hits the perfect line of red-wine-filled glasses, causing one to tip and spill all over me, which makes me freeze in place.

“Shit, I am so sorry.” He quickly sets the drink down and grabs a towel.

But looking down and I see my white t-shirt is now stained red, and the fact that red wine should be room temperature is a fact that my nipples completely ignore.

“This isn’t ideal.” I’m supposed to meet my parents later for dinner and I don’t really have time to stop at home to change. Nor do I want to reek of wine, regardless that it’s one of the Midwest’s finest.

Bennett is about to blotch the towel on me but pauses when he realizes that his hands will land right on my bust. “I actually don’t think a towel will do much… I guess I owe you a shirt.”

“Don’t worry about it, I just, uhh…”

“Want a fresh shirt? I can lend you one of mine.”

Slowly I nod in agreement. “That is probably a good idea.”

“Okay, just pick whatever you want from my middle drawer in my room,” he offers.

I raise a brow. “What’s in the top drawer?”

It causes him to break out in a grin. “Nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“Right.” My lips close together.

“I will take care of this, and you go on, the door should be open.”

I give an appreciative smile before moving in the direction of his place.

It all seems simple enough, except flashbacks of that night keep appearing in my head. When I reach his room, I’m surprised at how clean it is or how it smells fresh.

Peeling off my t-shirt, I’m left standing in a bra and jeans. I quickly venture to his middle drawer to look for a shirt. I notice all shirts are either white, black, or gray. The token forest green sticks out, and I figure he’ll notice that one is missing the most if I forget to return it, and for some reason, my mind feels like it’s the best choice.

“I’m so sorry.” Bennett’s voice startles me, and I slowly turn to face him, still half naked. When I notice his eyes slowly assessing me, then I know he won’t apologize for the fact he walked in on me in this state.

“It’s really okay. It happens. I mean, I’m covered in shampoo by the end of the day most of the time.”

He scratches his chin with his thumb as he licks his lips. “I know, you had a peculiar smell that stayed on my sheets for a few days. Kind of exotic or citrus-based.”

“Oh, that’s my essential oils. I normally put a few drops of frankincense and orange blossom on my pulse points,” I explain and step closer to him, noticing that his eyes are assessing me in jeans and a bra.

“Now you smell of our 2014 vintage. It was a good year,” he quips and winks.

“Yep, sticky red wine,” I simply say, and I definitely return the need to scan his body, my eyes stopping at a situation that is escalating under his zipper.

He steps closer. I step closer. I know where this is going.

Oh, no. No. Maybe yes. Okay, yes.

Probably not a great idea. But I don’t seem to care.

“What if I don’t want to waste a drop of exceptional wine?” he asks slowly.

I laugh under my breath. “A little too late for that.”

His smoldering look is making everything inside me melt and every nerve between my legs come alive.

“Not too late at all, because I can lick every last drop off of you.” His eyes are firmly set on me, filled with hunger.

It’s incredibly hot.

I step closer and I turn on my sultry voice. “You know, you completely soaked my bra too.”

“Even better.” His fingertips touch my obliques, and he yanks me forward in one swift movement, causing our bodies to meld flush in the middle.

My fingers play with the fabric of his shirt. “Might have slid down to between my legs too.”

“I was hoping you would say that.”

Before I can think, his fingers entangle in my hair, guiding my head back as his mouth completely devours me in a crashing kiss.

And I have no hesitation to return the sentiment.

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Preview of Something More
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